Terms & Conditions

  1. Object
    The present general terms and conditions concerns the sale of Partecipation to the 45th IAFEI World Congress, carried out by ANDAF Servizi Srl as organizer of the event.
  1. Definitions
    ANDAF SERVIZI SRL: ANDAF SERVIZI SRL, located in Corso Genova 6 20123 Milan – Italy, is the company in charge of selling the Participation to the event through the website www.iafeiworldcongress.com and in charge of organizing the event.
    Customer: is the person who purchases the Participation through the website www.iafeiworldcongress.com.
    Agreement: is the agreement established between the customer and ANDAF SERVIZI Srl, with reference to a specific purchase of Participations (Congress, Gala Event, Visit to Expo), governed by the General Terms and Conditions, by the various rules described at each stage of the electronic purchasing process, when applicable, and the warnings described on each purchased options.
    Holder of the Participation: is the person that holds in accordance with these Terms of Conditions a Participation purchased by the Customer.
    Event: 45th IAFEI World Congress, held in Milan, the days of  14-16 October 2015, is the event referred to the Participation.
    Organizer: is the Company which organizes the event with respect  to which the related congress Participation was issued.
    Participation: is the document issued by ANDAF SERVIZI SRL that legitimizes the Holder of the Participation to access to the Congress venue and to the venues of the other purchased events (Gala Event and Visit to EXPO).
    Venues: Italian Stock Exchange – Palazzo Mezzanotte (Congress),  Palazzo Parigi (Gala Event), EXPO World Trade Fair (Visit to Expo) in Milan.
  1. Participation
    3.1 The Participation must be shown to access to the Congress and to the additional options purchased as Gala Event and visit to EXPO.
    3.2 The Participation must be subscribed only  by the web form available on the web site www.iafeiworldcongress.com.
    The participation can be purchased by bank transfer or through providers authorized by ANDAF Servizi Srl (PayPal or Credit Card).
    3.3 The Participation cannot be transferred to different customers by payment or be brokered.
    3.4  ANDAF SERVIZI Srl may, at the request of the authorities responsible for law enforcement and public safety, cancel or void the Participation already issued, even for technical and/or organizational reasons. In this case, the customer has the right to a full refund of the cost of the Participation.
  1. Payment method and conditions
    The participation can be paid by Bank Transfer, PayPal and Credit Card as indicated at the end of the registration form available only on the web site www.iafeiworldcongress.com.ANDAF Servizi Srl can cancel the Participation if the Bank Transfer is not made within 5 working days from the date of registration.
  1. Participation price
    The participation price is indicated on the registration form available on the web site www.iafeiworldcongress.com.
  1. Cancellation & Refunds
    The eventual Consumer (as defined by the Consumer Code), acknowledges that the right of withdrawal provided for by article 52 of the Consumer Code does not apply, insofar the Contract concerns the supply of products and services which the supplier undertakes to provide at a specific date or for a specific performance period. The Organizing Secretariat  will refund (bank transfer fees not included):
    • 50% of the Participation for cancellations postmarked before September 6th;
    • 25% of the Participation for cancellations postmarked before September 30th;
    • No refund will be made for cancellations after September 30th.
    Any cancellation must be notified by e-mail to secretariat@iafeiworldcongress.com.

  2. Event postponed or canceled
    7.1 If changes occur in the planning and/or the timetable of an Event , the Holder of the Participation will have the following options, choose by ANDAF SERVIZI SRL and in accordance with the provisions of which will be announced by it: the right to obtain the replacement of its Participation or reimbursement of the same (in accordance with the next section 7.2). The Organiser will in any case be the only responsible for any changes and provisions disclosed in relation to the same.
    7.2 In the event that the Event is canceled, the Holder of the Participation can apply to be reimbursed according to the instructions which will be announced by the Organizer. Only the cost of the participation will be reimbursed, excluding any other costs. ANDAF SERVIZI Srl will provide for the refund operations, according to the timing and manner decided by ANDAF SERVIZI Srl.
  1. Limitations of liability and rights of ANDAF SERVIZI Srl
    Except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, ANDAF SERVIZI Srl assumes no responsibility for the expenses and damages, direct or indirect ,of whatever nature, suffered by the Customer in connection with the purchase of the Participation. ANDAF SERVIZI Srl also reserves the right to withdraw, amend, suspend or discontinue any feature or service made in the same relation to the sale of Participation, where this becomes necessary or advisable for technical and/or organizational matters.
  1. Miscellaneous
    9.1 If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held unenforceable, the others will continue to have full effect.
    9.2 These General Terms and Conditions, the various rules set out in the various stages of the sales process electronically, when applicable, shall constitute the entire contractual agreement between the customer and ANDAF SERVIZI Srl.
  1. Jurisdiction The Agreement is governed by Italian law. The Court of the Consumer’s place of residence or domicile shall have exclusive competence for any dispute arising from the Agreement and/or these Terms and Conditions involving a consumer as defined by the Consumer Code. In any other case, the Court of Milan shall be deemed exclusively competent.