Manuel Vellutini

As Co-CEO Manuel Vellutini leads the business strategy and growth of Tagetik. Along with Co-CEO Marco Pierallini, Manuel defines the company strategy and leads operational execution of Tagetik’s global expansion.
Manuel and his management team lead business operations worldwide, overseeing all revenue generation and customer operations, as well as marketing and global strategic alliances.
Manuel started his career with Tagetik in 1997 including roles in several functional areas such as sales, marketing, product management, product development and consulting. In 2006, he began traveling the world to guide Tagetik’s expansion into international markets and driving global growth and awareness of the Tagetik brand.
Manuel’s deep knowledge of finance and passion for understanding and solving the challenges of finance organizations has played pivotal role in gaining early customer adoption in new and emerging geographies and vertical industries. Under Manuel’s leadership Tagetik’s international operations has grown to include customers and operations covering 50 different countries.